Praise Reports

Look what the Lord has done!!
The past year was truly challenging...... yet has brought forth good and amazing fruits this year. Crushing and breaking  is only to bring forth something more pure and holy. Consider the crushing of the roses that seems so complete in itself, yet when crushed, it bring s forth sweet scented perfume. Even spiritually the process of crushing and pain brings transformation from from a self- made life, to a life transformed by the Lord into a more perfect way.With every breaking there is a wounding of heart, yet the wounds are meant to be healed by the Master's touch every time. He is enough to make us whole again . In His presence, He embraces us and caresses us, until we are renewed in newness, in Him. We find His grace is all sufficient to raise us from the floor and turn our mourning into dancing. And here we are celebrating the pain, sorrow and affliction because as I look back I see Gods unfailing love carrying me through life!! I want to thank God for the crushing for it has brought forth sweet smelling perfume!!

If you have stories like this one please share them with us here on this blog.  We want to know about the power of the lord in your life and the events that he works his wonders through.
Thank you.